Rig and Lens Calibration and Configuration

Configuration and Calibration takes two parts.  First configure the low level code to set the number of steps the stepper
motors can move and the number of steps per mm.  For the Micro GigaPan Imager Prototype and MicroGigapan Adapter Kit this is done in the _init file in the Arduino GCode interpreter and should only need to be done once.

Second determine the Field of View (FOV) for each lens/objective system you use.

We need to know how high and how wide each image is, and we need the depth of field.  We also need to select the amount of overlap we want in both the X and Y, and in the Z or Focus dimension.

In addition, in some rigs which use a bellows there are two 'Z' axis, Z and F.  One moves the camera up and down, and the other moves the bottom of the bellows - the lens board.  Controlling the two separately allows for the capture of focus while keeping the size of the subject the same.

I have no actual model of why I got working numbers.
But the spreadsheet seems reasonable.

Rig and Lens Calibration and Configuration